Sustainability is the balancing of social, economic and ecological needs, without excess to one over the other, ensuring that the world’s resources will be existent for future generations to come. It is important for our generation to start making the progressive step towards sustainable living and the overall consideration of how our decisions and actions affect the planet. Some important aspects of sustainable living include energy efficiency, eco-friendly building designs, protective water usage, reduction of waste and limiting one’s carbon footprint.
Move towards sustainability by learning to live energy efficiently. Take advantage of renewable power sources like solar, wind, water, geothermal and biomass in your daily life. Your house, your car, your methods of heating and cooling, etc. Take energy efficient sources and redesign your home to be more “green” and eco-friendly. This can be as small as using energy efficient lightbulbs to as great as the utilization of solar power panelling. Proper insulation of your house can conserve energy, eliminating the need for heating and air-conditioning.
Another important aspect in sustainability is the reduction of individual waste. Humans, like most other living organisms, need water to Water Well And Wind Turbinessurvive. We must start protecting water instead of wasting it. We can take shorter showers, collect rainwater for lawn treatment and wash dishes by hand. Toilets waste a lot of water; learn tricks to flushing with minimal water usage or install two choice European flushers. Food, as well, is a commodity that is wasted and creates a lot of waste in today’s world. Food is shipped all over the world, releasing chemicals into our environment and leaving plastic wrappers and seals in our dumps. Avoid these items buy growing as much of your own produce or by purchasing seasonal produce from local farmers. There is so much room for improvement, and the more we do as individuals, the better the situation becomes globally.
Reduce your carbon footprint. Sustainable living is attainable; it is a lifestyle change. We must learn to change our transportation methods, energy consumption and our diets to match the eco-friendly philosophy of sustainability. Education on how to live a sustainable lifestyle can be accessed in books, magazines, online articles and, of course, sustainable living courses. Learn to be green in all aspects of your life, giving our children a future on this planet too.