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5 Reasons Why GMOs are Terrifyingly Scary

GMOs – genetically modified organisms – are taking over the world. Food as we commonly think of it is becoming a thing of the past. Big agri-business is changing the food we eat, the wilderness around us, and our very bodies – and they don’t want you to know about it. The United Nations defines […]

How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers

Firstly, growing fruit trees in containers is a great option for permaculture gardeners who are short on space. They may not have garden beds with sufficient room to accommodate a fruit tree with its spreading roots, particularly if they want to grow as much variety of plant life in a small bed as possible (by […]

How to Start Seeds Indoors

There are several reasons why you might wish to do so. If you live in an area where the winters are long, and so the growing season is relatively short, starting seeds indoors gives you a head start when it comes to planting out. Indeed, any permaculture gardener who wishes to extend their growing season […]

How to Map Your Plot

When first looking to apply permaculture principles and design to a property, one of the most useful tools you can have at hand is a detailed map of the site. It gives you a blueprint of where your site is at the moment, and so provides a framework in which to work as you design […]

How to Grow Peppers

Peppers are great additions to a permaculture plot, not only because they are relatively easy to grow and provide good crops when given the right growing conditions, but also because there is such a range of potential cultivars, so that every permaculture gardener should be able to find one that suits their taste. Cultivars in […]

How to Prepare Your Plot for Winter

With some honorable exceptions most fruit and vegetable plants die off or enter a period of dormancy over the winter months. Having woken up in spring and spent the summer maturing and providing crops, the plants will either have completed their life cycle or will need to essentially recharge their batteries over winter so they […]

How to Protect Your Garden from Drought

Ninety-eight percent of all climate scientists agree that global warming – predominantly caused by human activity, from the burning of fossil fuels to the intensive farming of livestock and the pollution of the world’s oceans – is a fact. (The remaining two percent, by the way, are almost all scientists whose research has been funded […]

How to Harness Energy From the City in Innovative Ways

Cities are often described in terms that evoke the idea of energy. People talk about tem as ‘engines of growth’, as the ‘motors’ of modern life. While cites have certainly been the site for many developments in human society that have benefitted the population, whether the energy of the city that has been a central […]

How to Grow Swiss Chard

Despite its name, Swiss chard is not native to Switzerland – it takes its moniker from the fact that it was identified and categorized by a Swiss botanist. And indeed its name can cause further confusion, and it is known by many different ones. Today, it is often referred to as silverbeet, Roman kale or […]