How to Attract Dragonflies to Your Plot

Dragonflies are one of the most beautiful insects to visit the permaculture plot. The symmetry of their two pairs of wings, the coloration on their elongated bodies and the large eyes, combined with their elegance of movement when in the air, make for an attractive insect visitor or inhabitant of your site. But behind that […]

How to Grow Soya Beans

Soya beans may seem like an exotic vegetable to consider planting in your permaculture plot, and its origins in South East Asia would suggest that it is not necessarily suited to growing in more temperate climes. However, as long as you have a reasonably long, hot summer (the seeds take between 65 and 85 days […]

How to Start a Cooperative Business

A cooperative business is one that is owned and run by its members. These members could be simply a group of individuals who run the company, or constitute a larger membership, such as a customer base or organizations in the local community. The idea is that all the members of a cooperative have an equal […]

How to Grow Plums

Plums are a valuable addition to a suitable permaculture plot, as their fruit can be eaten fresh, are ideal for baking, and plum trees typically provide a bountiful harvest so some of the fruit can be utilized for preserving in jams and jellies. Type There are two main types of plum – European and Japanese. […]

How to Bring Permaculture Into the Workplace

While putting permaculture principles into practice at home is a matter of choice for you and your family, applying them to the workplace can be more difficult. Some permaculturists are able to make a living from their plot or their permaculture skills – such as teaching courses or consulting for individuals or organizations who wish […]

How to Repair Flood Damaged Soil

Flooding is becoming more frequent across the world, and more severe when it happens. In 2014 alone, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Romania experienced rainfall and subsequent flooding on the worst scale in nearly a century. But in many other countries flooding is a more regular and often more devastating occurrence in recent decades. There can be […]

How to Grow Kale

In recent years kale has gained renown for being one of the healthiest vegetables around. While the fact that it’s reputation needed to be reanimated – it has a long history of cultivation dating back centuries, having been grown in Ancient Rome and Egypt and brought to the U.S. in the 1600s, but rather fell […]

7 benefits of Doing a Permaculture Design Certificate Course

You’re interested in permaculture (you’re looking at this site, after all), but perhaps wondering what your next step with it will be. Using online resources, DVDs and books to understand permaculture is great way to proceed, but there are other options available as well, the main one being studying a permaculture design certificate (PDC) course. […]

7 Natural Building Techniques

Natural building techniques are methods that are “greener” that modern manufactured modes of property construction. Typically drawing on older, traditional forms of home building, these techniques emphasize the use of materials, practices and aesthetics that are not ecologically destructive, are sensitive to the natural and cultural surroundings in which the property is sited, and focus […]

How to Espalier Fruit Trees

The term espaliering refers to the training of a tree so that it grows flat. Often this means growing against a wall, but it can also involve training the tree so that it grows laterally along a trellis or simply along wires. The technique allows the tree to grow “flatter”, with more width but less […]