Could This be The Ultimate Sustainable Cultivation System?

  • Discover the three primary forms of aquaponics system
    You’ll learn the different ways that aquaponics can be practiced, and which are most suitable for your permaculture property. You will also find out how aquaponics has developed over time, and the fundamentals of what aquaponic gardening entails
  • Learn the practical skills to set up an aquaponics system
    Working from the ground up, the eBook is your comprehensive guide to starting and maintaining your own aquaponics system. You will learn about the required elements – including tanks, garden beds, pumps, and growing mediums – and how to integrate them, as well as how to prepare the system for introducing your fish and plants.
  • Choose the right fish species for your site
    This eBook gives you lots of information about a variety of fish breeds that can be used in aquaponics systems. You will discover the environment each prefers, how to give them the best conditions to thrive in, and their dietary needs. You will also learn about the various sources of potential food for your fish – from outside sources and from your property

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