Learn The Most Effective Strategies for Creating Productive Plant Designs

  • Learn how companion planting works and its benefits for your crops
    You’ll see just what goes on in a compost pile to give the gardener such a brilliant soil conditioner. You’ll learn about all the amazing microorganisms that do the work turning all manner of materials into something that your plants will love, and how different conditions can affect their activity.
  • Know the parts of a guild and how to establish one
    See how you can combine multiple plant species into a cohesive ecosystem that benefits all the members of the guild. The book also shows you how plants and animals develop mutual relationships – and how you can design your garden to harness them.
  • Maximize productivity over the long term
    The book also shows you how plants can help each other over time. Discover the secrets of succession planting – over a growing season and over several years – for better soil, fewer pests, and more bountiful crops.

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