This Could Be The Single Most Important Thing You Ever Do For Your Garden

  • Discover how compost is made and what It does for your plants
    You’ll see just what goes on in a compost pile to give the gardener such a brilliant soil conditioner. You’ll learn about all the amazing microorganisms that do the work turning all manner of materials into something that your plants will love, and how different conditions can affect their activity.
  • Create your own organic compost pile
    You will also be given the instructions, hints and tips you need to start, maintain and use your own compost pile. Learn about the many different materials that can go into a pile – and those that should be kept out. You’ll be able to prepare and treat your pile so that you get the best compost possible.
  • Start composting with worms
    This eBook also contains a complete guide to composting with worms – vermiculture. It shows you how to set up your own worm farm, which worms to use in it, and how to feed and care for them so they produce rich compost for your garden beds. You’ll also find out about compost tea!

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