Discover the Ultimate in Efficient Water Conservation

  • Make small changes in behavior to create big water savings
    Water is a precious resource, so anything we can do to make our use of it more efficient is a good thing. In this eBook you will uncover numerous hints and tips for make your home water use as sustainable as possible. From brushing your teeth to washing your vegetables, small modifications can have significant results.
  • Be able to harvest greywater from a number of places in your home
    This eBook also contains practical information on how to safely and effectively source, store, and distribute greywater from your home. It includes information on economical plumbing systems and diverting water from your laundry for a secondary use.
  • Discover the many ways to use greywater in your garden
    Having harvested greywater, you need to be able to utilize it effectively in the garden. This comprehensive eBook outlines several ways that you can put it to use, from recharging water levels in the soil so that your plants will thrive, to adding humidity to a greenhouse, and eve starting your own wetland ecosystem.

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