Make You Property Greener – in Everything Except the Color

  • Assess your home for pollutants – and give it a green clean
    You’ll learn about various products that may contain inorganic compounds you don’t want in your home – often in places where you wouldn’t expect them. You’ll also discover how common natural compounds that you might already have in your house can be used as cleaning agents – so you don’t have to use chemicals.
  • Learn how to use appliances efficiently
    Not only will this eBook give you a comprehensive guide to the types of energy efficient appliances on the market, it will also provide practical tips so you can use the appliances in your home in ways that save energy – and save money on your utility bills. From ovens and washing machines to showers and light bulbs, discover how to go green.
  • Take your recycling to the next level
    This eBook also gives you the lowdown on effective recycling. You’ll learn which items the typical municipal scheme doesn’t accept – some of which might surprise you – but also how you can recycle a wide range of different materials, from smart phones to ceramics.

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