Create The Most Yield From Your Plants – Every Step of The Way

  • Identify potential pollutants in your home – and replace them
    You will learn about the methods available to you to grow plants on your permaculture property. It will get you acquainted with how seeds germinate, and how you can give them the best chances of doing so. The eBook also shows you how to take and cultivate cuttings from a plant to create new specimens.
  • Build a greenhouse, cold frame or poly-tunnel
    The eBook gives you the know-how to provide structures that can help to protect your plants – and help them create more produce for your kitchen. You’ll be able to assess your site for the suitability of each of these three structures, then learn the basic steps for constructing them.
  • Learn how to maintain your plants and when to harvest their crops
    You can also learn about many techniques that can be used to maintain the health of your planting ecosystem. These include pruning and espaliering. The eBook also offers a comprehensive guide to determining when various fruits, vegetables and herbs are ready for harvest – so you get the tastiest and most nutritious food from your property.

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