Store Your Surplus by Learning a Wide Range of Food Preservation Strategies

  • Discover the best conditions to store a variety of crops
    You will learn how to keep your fruit and vegetables in the best condition for the longest time possible. You’ll discover which crops do best in an outhouse or cellar and which ones require humidity to slow their deterioration. The eBook also explains why you should avoid certain combinations of foods in close proximity to one another, and which foods should be stored on the counter or in the refrigerator.
  • Freeze and can food for maximum flavor and nutrition
    This eBook also contains practical information on preparing fruits and vegetables for freezing to ensure that they keep their shape and their nutritional content. You’ll learn everything from the types of containers that are suitable for freezing to making sure you thaw produce the best way. And discover the two primary ways of canning food – the equipment they involve and the foodstuffs they suit.
  • Be able to salt, brine, and smoke food for preservation
    Reading this eBook, you will also be given the instructions, hints and tips you need to practice other techniques of preserving food that involve the use of extra ingredients. From the ancient art of salting food through immersion in tangy brine to using different materials to impart flavor to smoked goods, you will discover a plethora of ways to prolong the harvest while giving you a whole host of new flavor dimensions in the kitchen.

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