Learn The Most Effective Strategies for Creating Productive Plant Designs

  • Understand the numerous benefits that rainwater harvesting can have on your property
    You will learn how fresh water makes your permaculture ecosystem survive and flourish. You will also discover how catching and utilizing rainwater efficiently can help improve the yield from your site, the health of your crops, and the contentment of your livestock.
  • Plan and implement a range of rainwater harvesting strategies
    This eBook also contains practical information on analyzing your property to determine the most suitable integrated rainwater catchment system. You will learn how to put a number of them into practice, including:
  • Rainwater barrels
  • Infiltration basin
  • Rain garden
  • French drain
  • Check dam
  • Build a system of swales on your property
    Swales are a key feature of many permaculture designs. This eBook will help you determine their suitability for your site, give you guidance on how to construct them – and link them to the rest of your water catchment system – and how to plant them to create a unique ecosystem.

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