Learn the 6 strategies to get the most out of your soil
with our Essential Guide to Soil and Garden Beds ebook...

  • Understand how soil develops and evolves over time
    You will dig down into the fundamentals of soil – where it comes from, how it is made, and what chemical, biological and physical processes affect it. You will learn how good soil helps plants and animals survive and thrive, and how healthy soil helps the circulation of water and oxygen through ecosystems. You will also discover how human activity impacts upon soil and how we can repair soil damage.
  • Be able to analyze the soil on your site
    You’ll gain the knowledge to be able to undertake a comprehensive survey of the soil types across your permaculture property. You’ll learn how to uncover the soil’s structure and determine its pH level. You’ll be able to read the landscape and recognize how it plays a role in creating the soils on your site.
  • Construct a wide range of different garden beds
    This eBook also gives you the practical knowledge to construct a wide variety of garden beds in which soil can work its magic. You’ll be able to analyze the options and find a bed type, shape and size that suits your permaculture property. Discover how to construct a no-dig garden bed, a raised garden bed, and a herb spiral.

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