Learn to Practice Permaculture Even If You Don’t Have a Garden

  • Start permaculture wherever you live
    Whether you live in a high-rise apartment, a town house or a suburban home, you can put permaculture into action. You’ll discover how to start a window box, how to turn a balcony into a thriving garden, and how courtyards can provide you with bountiful crops.
  • Transform the roofs of buildings into productive gardens
    Space in cities is often at a premium, but where there’s a will there’s a way. You will discover how to turn the roof of any urban building into a sustainable ecosystem to grow plants, capture rainwater – and even keep bees! You’ll also learn about green walls as well.
  • Be able to set up your own community garden
    Community gardens help bring people together and transform neighborhoods – you can discover how to do so where you live. You’ll learn how to find a suitable site, what to look for, how to plan the planting, and how to promote community engagement.

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