Get the Ultimate Guide to Water Conservation on the Land

  • Understand why the soil is the best place to store water
    You’ll learn why creating water earthworks is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your soil, your plants, and your site as a whole. From fueling microorganism activity and irrigating productive ecosystems to providing fire and drought security, you’ll discover why water earthworks should be part of every permaculture design.
  • Analyze, observe and map your site for earthworks suitability
    For the best results and most efficient water use you need to select the ideal earthworks for your location. You’ll be given all the analytic and evaluative tools you need to survey your site, how water moves in it, and determine how to best harness water movement to meet your aims.
  • Construct the best water earthworks for your property
    Find out what conditions you need to build a successful dam. Mark out, dig, and plant swales to save water and grow crops. Devise drainage patterns that get water to where you need it most on your site. Discover the best shape for a pond and how to plant it for productivity and to attract wildlife.

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