Work In Harmony With Nature – And Discover The Incredible Benefits

  • Understand the role wild animals play in biodiverse ecosystems – locally and globally
    You will learn how permaculture – a holistic system – values the natural world as a key element in any design, and as important ecosystems in their own right. The eBook will highlight the importance of biodiversity, not just to your site but to the planet as a whole, and outline how working with wildlife on your property helps to preserve native plants and animals.
  • Be able to use planting techniques to attract – and repel – wildlife
    This eBook also contains practical information on using planting systems to bring wild animals onto your site that will help the ecosystem thrive – such as pollinating insects, and insect-eating birds. You will also learn harmless strategies that can keep unwanted animals out of your site – to prevent them from eating your crops!
  • Learn how to set up your own beehive
    You will also be given the instructions, hints and tips you need to start and maintain your own beehive. From sourcing equipment to establishing a colony, from positioning the hive to harvesting the honey, you’ll get everything you need to incorporate these incredibly important insects into your permaculture ecosystem.

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