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    shalom to all u permies~!

    ive been fiddeling around for quite a while now with sketchup in order to bring my design to life…. and i feel sooooooooo frustrated because its really challanging to make what i want with the program… (i learnd alot!) the main problem for me now is to put plants on the design because it makes the program veeeeeeeery slow….
    im thinking to just drop it an draw even though my drawing skills suck …. and i also made quite alot with sketchup so to quit it doesnt seem so apealing…… any ideas suggestions????



    there is a free geoff lawton video title ” how to create a permaculture design”. you have to register but its free. There are many free video’s and definitely worth it. The design guy basically uses circles for plants and just sizes them accordingly. But again i recommend watching video.



    Hi, My name is Igor Molchan. I am new student from Belarus. Would you give the link for this wideo?



    Hi Molchan here is the link : http://geofflawton.com/videos/how-to-create-a-permaculture-design/ but to see it you have to regester



    Hi Everyone. That is me. Thanks for the plug. I use Adobe Illustrator and have developed nice design process we share with other designers working professionally. Dan Halsey Southwoodscenter.com



    Hi every one This is smart up from Ethiopia



    Hey all,
    I use MS Visio even for detailed design work. It’s not free but still cheaper than a CAD program.



    Hi David, I registered for the course but I still can’t watch the video. Did you register already?



    Try ArcMap if you can. You need to study it and take time to install it on your system but it is really good and you can do proper statistics legend scale, polygon digitalisation, ect. IM sure you will need to pay as well for the license.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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