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    Has anyone else read The One-Straw Revolution? I just picked it up and am thoroughly enjoying it and I’m only in the introduction.




    It has a spiritual approach that makes it worth recommending to anybody, even if they are not gardeners.



    I have had the privilege to read both “The One-Straw Revolution” and “Sowing Seeds in the Desert”. I would highly recommend either of these beautiful books to anyone. (I am extremely grateful to Larry Korn for his dedication in bringing “One-Straw” to life in such an eloquent way for English readers. I can only imagine how powerful the original Japanese text must have been…)

    I can’t wait to read “Natural Way of Farming: The Theory and Practice of Green Philosophy” (which I believe helps explain how to put “One-Straw” into practice). As you may be able to tell, I am a huge admirer of both Masanobu Fukuoka and Larry Korn 🙂


    Sarvesvara Dasa

    Thanks for the details..



    I finished the “Natural Way of Farming” last week, loved it!! One Straw Revolution is great as an intro, but this one really takes you deeper into the (non)practice and the philosophy. I’m waiting to read Sowing Seeds in the Desert, too 🙂

    Permaculture is the best system man can apply at a large scale to solve some of our current problems. Above permaculture I think its Fukuoka’s style of farming.. but its so far ahead that we need a much higher level of consciousness to understand it and apply it.

    my 2 cents 🙂



    I just finished “The one straw revolution” and liked it. It seems a fair mix between scientific and spiritual thinking.

    But… it became clear to me that the only way to feed the world with natural farming/permaculture is to get MANY, MANY more people into farming. And why not?

    Participation in food production in the USA is only about 1% of the population and similarly it’s only a few percent in other developed countries. If only only a handful people (per hundred) is growing food what is the rest doing?

    It seems hard to believe that we have found more important ways to occupy ourselves. And I also doubt we have found more enjoyable occupations, but I have not tried any serious scale farming yet…




    I’m 3/4 through the book and I am sad that he is not on this earth anymore. I want to know if his farm is still going? Did anyone pick up where he left off? What legacy did he leave? How many farms in his community are practicing his methods? I want to taste the oranges he grew.



    Just finished it — I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.Thanks to Nuno’s input I am off to read “Natural Way of Farming”
    Happy to have been introduced to Fukuoka’s works.



    I am in the process of reading it and enjoying it so far.



    Larry Korn and I have spoken about having him chime in on the forums. Are there specific questions you’d want to ask him? We’re trying to find a good format to set up a Q&A.



    For me he’s the best model in the field of the most natural and neinvasive permaculture.
    A simple and wise man.In the spirit of Zen.
    Unfortunately very few people today[and any day]are ready to reconsider their life’s needs in such a manner and to such an extent.
    Don’t forget that his real and profound revolutionary ‘One straw revolution’ is written 35 years ago.And we are today literally drowned in GMOs.I’ve just read the new approach of France and UK on widely open the market gates to these little monsters promoted by the great ones namely Monsanto and Pioneer.In my country Romania[like any country],even the small farmers are brainwashed by their own greed.So the global tragedy is at full speed.
    Only a deep awakening of the inner self of Man,is and will be able to empathize with Fukuoka’s ideas.
    Whenever will this be,he is for now and all times.



    just got one straw revolution…..looking forward to the read!

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