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    I am interested in this site and this format for learning (especially in winter). I have been growing good food and herbs for almost twenty years now. The crop i specialize in is Garlic. I have all my garlic in for the winter and am hoping to get some early greens and onions going over December/January. Just saying hello and looking forward to seeing what kind of information i may be able to learn/share.muse upon. Blessings!



    Are you familiar with Stanley Crawford’s book, A Garlic Testament? You probably know all about growing garlic already, but Stan is a wonderful writer and you might enjoy his book.
    Jude Pardee



    Thanks. I am not familiar with that book. I will look into it though. I have done fairly well growing garlic, helped lots of people get started growing some and even taught some local classes …but could always learn more. Thanks. Just finished watching the first hour and half of Larry Korns intro…lots of familiar info..but thoroughly enjoyed listening to him speak and share his observations.



    At the very least, Scott, you’ll learn how it is to grow garlic in a very different climate and environment. The high desert of New Mexico has a short growing season and little rain, so most agriculture is in valleys where a small snow-melt stream is diverted into irrigation ditches so that a relatively predictable amount of water is available.



    Greetings Scott and Jude

    I love garlic and will check this book out today

    Many Thanks



    Hello Scott and welcome to the Online Permaculture Design Course!

    I am really thrilled that you have chosen to join us for this world-changing program. With many tens of thousands of enrolled students, this is the world’s largest permaculture education course, and we’re really quite excited to share this knowledge with you.

    I want to take a moment to let you know about a few options that can help you get the most out of your learning experience with us:

    – Our instructors answer questions on these forums, and we generally really encourage you to participate in the forums as much as you can, as it will really help you engage with this material in the best possible way. You are encouraged to post any questions you may have about the lectures or general permaculture questions.

    – The course itself is offered completely free of charge (no catch, no gotcha, nothing). We also offer the same material on DVD (so you can watch it on your television) and you can purchase the DVD sets @

    – We do offer the internationally-standard Permaculture Design Certificate as an option with this course. The certificate program includes an experiential design project and examination; the design project can be for virtually any topic, including your own property. You can learn more about the certification @

    If you agree that the knowledge we offer in these lectures is worthwhile, we encourage you to support the continued development of this program by purchasing the DVD sets and the certification. The DVD sets also make truly gifts for friends and loved ones, and are a great way to introduce other people to permaculture (consider donating a set of DVDs to your local library!).

    Again, welcome on-board. I encourage you to take a moment to post on the other forums. If you have any questions, please post them in the Technical Questions or the Q&A forums (/forums). On behalf of our entire team, we hope that you enjoy this program and look forward to seeing you take this knowledge into the wild!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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