Designing Ecologically Thriving Cities Changes Everything

While often seen as areas of major pollution, cities can also be highly beneficial to the environment when people are concentrated in a smaller area. Ecological cities seek to ensure that the needs of humanity are met while simultaneously having the lowest impact possible on the environment.

Eco-cities must minimize the amount of pollution and waste that they generate while also finding the most environmentally friendly ways to dispose of the waste products. They must also generate energy in a way that uses fossil fuels to the smallest extent possible. Water and food production and consumption are also major concerns for ecological cities.

Energy is best generated using renewable sources. Two of the best renewable sources of energy are solar power and geothermal energy. Advances in photovoltaic cells have made it possible for more of the sun’s rays to be converted into usable energy. In some areas, entire buildings can become net-zero (meaning they do not consume any energy that they do not produce themselves) when they install solar panels on their roofs.

Eco-cities can keep homes warm by harnessing the power of geothermal energy sources when they are available. Heat found deeper in the earth solar cells for solar energythan be pumped up to higher altitudes, where it can warm up a home during the winter.

Another major goal in ecological cities is to reduce the amount of transportation that people must use by placing buildings in closer proximity, making cities more walkable.

One major concern in eco-cities is the availability of food. Food is traditionally grown in agricultural areas outside the city and transported inside. This not only uses up land, but also increases carbon emissions. This can be avoided by having much of the food grown within the city.

Ecological cities also try to reduce the amount of land wasted by building as much as possible within the city instead of having the city expand outward. The best way to do this is to restore and reuse old buildings.


Flat earthers are going to love this image. ????????????

I covered this whilst doing an MSc in Theory and practice of sustainable design in architecture. Cities generally use 10 x their area to get what they need and dispose of it. The only solution is micro cities and only congregate people and buildings only where necessary. Then graduate out to nature with self sufficient communities that work individually and in chorus. The premise that cramming people together in an area is purely done on an efficiency drive and discounts the human factor of community, the problem of which we see and are evidenced in cities worldwide now. Large eco cities are not out of the realm of possibility but I doubt they’d be an ideal model to go forward with.

Data says otherwise. Robotic farming utilizes 99% fewer resources like water, etc.

robotic farming…. yeah um ok let’s extricate humans from connection with nature even more. Yes vertical hydroponic systems can be used within eco cities to feed a more dense population but I am personal friends with an architect who’s created a community within Auckland that has a higher ratio of people to land than the rest of the city but had 70% more green areas, she developed a compressed earth building technique so that heating is almost never needed, has micro business spaces and works with the surrounding community. The compaction of people into ever smaller spaces and making them more efficient is just treating the illness not the cause.

Cailean Good luck feeding 7+ billion people sustainably without technology.

Sustainable Living & Design I’m not against technology at all and I think it should be utilised and integrated. Think you’ve got me all wrong but hey fb is not a great debate forum. I’ve been into this for more than 20yrs and am writing a book but hey what do I know. I’ve been taught by the best in sustainability, soils, organic production, pdc, diplomas, community development, natural resource management. I’m not an armchair warrior. Hey , me and Patrick Whitfield even had the same lover. I’m just trying to make a better future just as you are so don’t really appreciate the passive aggressiveness but hey, you are who you are. ✌️

Jason Metcalfe

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