Enjoy applying the life-changing knowledge of how to combine both beautiful and delicious plants in your garden so that it becomes self-sustaining while cleaning your air and water! Our Permaculture courses start with the core principles and work their way into more advanced concepts, and even show you how to apply them in the suburban places where most of us live.

Permaculture Mastery

Transform your home into a beautiful, sustainable & healthy oasis that provides you abundant organic food & clean water!

Redesign your property. Learn to live healthier, more sustainably, and while still creating abundance in your life. This program enables you to create a complete permaculture design for your own property, earn your internationally-standard Permaculture Design Certificate, and much more. Just imagine what your home will look like with permaculture!

The presentations cover everything from the principles at the heart of permaculture and its origins in ancient methods of cultivation, to the ways it can be used in modern gardens, homes, farms and towns to grow organic food, protect the wilderness, use energy responsibly, and promote community engagement and cooperation.

Upon successful completion of the course you’ll receive your internationally-recognized certification and be able to call yourself a Permaculture Designer!

You will be able to transform your property into a sustainable, productive system that gives you and your family food and pleasure – and saves you money. Passing this course will give you the internationally-recognized qualification that allows you to start a business as a permaculture designer, or to lead community projects around permaculture.

The skills that you learn in this course have an endless variety of applications. After all, sustainable living is one of the fastest growing sectors – socially and economically – in the country.

Suburban Permaculture

Learn how you can apply permaculture to a suburban or urban property!

This course offers a comprehensive overview of how permaculture principles and practice can be applied to towns and cities. Discover planting techniques for a variety of built-up locations, from window boxes and balconies to green roofs and courtyards. Explore the many benefits that trees can bring to urban areas, and how permaculture ideas can help make cities more energy efficient. Find out how to set up a community garden or join a co-operative farm project.

We’ll look at different types of containers in which to house your plants, the sort of soil that makes the best option for box and container gardening, the importance of effective irrigation in urban agriculture, and precautions to take against potential climatic conditions that urban locations are particularly prone to. We’ll also highlight some of the crop species that are suitable for each type of growing location, and show you how you can best ensure healthy plants.

The course also explains how access to a courtyard expands your growing options to take in fruit trees – which can be grown in containers a lot more easily than perhaps you might first think. Beyond individual growing opportunities, the course also examines collaborative cultivation strategies for urban areas.

Permaculture Basics

The ultimate introduction to permaculture and sustainable living!

Have you always wanted to try permaculture, organic gardening, going green, and sustainable living, but don’t know where to start?

Would you like to make your garden, your home, and even your life, greener, and more focused on sustainability?

How about transforming your property so that it provides you with delicious food, fresh water, incredible interactions with nature, and a ton of pleasure?

And what about discovering how nature works – in the soil, in the air, in plants and in animals – so that you can appreciate its diversity, and apply its most effective aspects to your own garden?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

The Permaculture Basics course gives you the perfect introduction to all aspects of permaculture, green living and organic gardening.

It also offers you simple strategies to bring permaculture principles to bear on your relationships, your diet and your communication skills, so that you can be more productive and positive in all areas of your life.