The Space to Re-Imagine Your Life, In Community with Nature.

ForestThis three-day camping trip integrates solitude, meditation, community, and life coaching with the intention of supporting you in making lasting, profound, healthy changes in your life. This is your invitation to reclaim your own path in life through nature connection and listening, reflection, community and coaching.

Spend a three day weekend, each month if you desire, immersed in nature, in both community as well as in focused solitude.  Clarify your own coherent vision for an extraordinary life path and then create and implement that vision in support of a professional coaching process and a supportive community of practice.

This is your invitation to join a generation of awake and engaged people who understand their fundamental role in the world through the lens of integrity-based nature-inspired leadership that inherently builds community. It is an invitation to find your own true voice and place, while learning to inspire, empower and facilitate lasting change – in your life, in your family, in your community and in the larger world.

woman-sittingIntegrate nature connection into your life.
Each three day retreat integrates of a day of solitude reflection combined with two days of community immersion. The weekend program starts with our shuttle picking you up in Downtown Berkeley at 8am on Friday morning and taking you to a stunning park campground where our staff will have a delicious, organic, vegan brunch waiting for you. We spend the day getting to know each other, creating a rich dialogue providing a meaningful and focused context for your time in solitude the next day.

You will then spend the next day in solitude, fasting and taking the time to listen deeply to the world around you, meditating and contemplating a focus set of questions designed to help you gain clarity and focus in your own life’s path. This time is both that of deep nature immersion as well as space to truly contemplate your own personal values and how you can best align your life.  Early on the third day, we regroup together as a community, celebrating with a delicious brunch meal, sharing our experiences and choosing actionable next steps.

The program is followed up with a group coaching call, included as part of your tuition. Optional focused one-on-one coaching is available to assist participants in working through specific challenges in their lives.   We invite, but certainly do not require, participants to return each month as they desire, since each month the program has a distinctly unique focus and curriculum, and this program is designed to be a year-long immersion.

What exactly is the Regenerative Culture School?
It’s a a meaningful invitation to completely re-imagine your life through a twelve month curriculum rooted in patterns of nature that have been with human beings since the beginning.   Whether you choose to join us for one weekend or all twelve, we are certain that you will have an extraordinary life-changing experience.  The program integrates the patterns of traditional rites of passage with coaching, leadership development, permaculture, deep ecology, meditation, non-violent/compassionate communication, spiral dynamics and much more.

This program fills a void of meaning in our dominant culture through nature connection, leadership development, and meaningful community building.  There is a truly desperate need to create meaningful community spaces other than what shopping malls and churches have been able to offer our people, and the only truly coherent way to do that is through re-integrating deeply with the natural world.   The program offers participants both a space and a process to integrate nature into their lives in a way that creates lasting, profound results.

We must also respectfully note that although arising out of traditions that have been with human beings for centuries, this program is in no way meant to be a traditional vision quest or a traditional meditation retreat. While we deeply respect and honor those traditions, this modern-day retreat is designed to combine intensive regenerative leadership coaching with a nature connection immersion.

Transportation Logistics
Program tuition includes round-trip transportation from Berkeley (the meeting spot will be within easy walking distance from the BART).   If you are traveling from outside the Bay Area, we invite you to travel a day before the program and stay at any lodging of your choice in Berkeley (we can give some suggestions if needed).

Please be  ready to meet our driver at 7:30am on Friday morning.  We will return back to Berkeley no later than 10pm on Sunday night.  Detailed logistics information will be sent to you by e-mail before the course.

Tuition Investment and Early Registration
We have intentionally priced this retreat below market rate for any comparable program. Please note that tuition includes transportation from/to Downtown Berkeley to/from the program location.

Early bird tuition: $395.00 (by October 10th)
Regular tuition: $525.00

You can either bring your own camping gear, or we can make some suggestions where you can you rent the gear you need.

Each weekend is limited to 12 participants.   Please register early as this program will sell out.

Camping fire