This is an article in response and an update to the previous article I wrote ‘Veganic is the New Permaculture’ which can be read at the following link /veganic-new-permaculture
Since writing that article I have seen a great documentary film entitled Back to Eden which can be seen for free following this link
The film shows the wonderful way we can replicate nature growing organically through the use of mainly wood chips. There is a whole detailed process, but the basics of the system is that once we implement such system comprised of mainly, different sizes of wood chips and after several years of tending to the garden, if properly done of course, the garden can maintain itself and not much work, like crop rotation or watering or fertilizing etc. is needed. But how is this possible you ask? Well in a nutshell; what one gentleman Paul Gautschi wanted to find out, was how Mother Nature produced/produces orchards of abundance without getting people to water, till, rotate crop etc. and how she produces all the fruits and vegetables of the world. So he dug and pulled off layers of matter that covered the earth and found some remarkable things that Mother Nature was doing that hadn’t been implemented before. I am not going to describe the process in detail, but you can see it in the film itself, which is a little over 1hr. 40 min.
I can definitely say that this system that Paul Gautschi has implemented is far more efficient and ecologically sound compared the conventional system or even organic systems that many producers implement and use, though, I can unquestionably say it is far from perfect.
What I found very disturbing in the film and the practices that Paul and others have implemented, is the use of animals for manure, blood meal and the eggs from chickens for fertilizing and eating. I find it completely disgusting and vile to be stealing the products from these animals that were intended for them and not for us. Also using animals, no matter how nicely we treat them, in the end equates to violence because eventually, and this happens even on backyard small operations, the animals production of eggs, milk etc. declines and all animals are sent off to the slaughterhouse to be mercilessly killed. This goes to say when we see these animals as beings with the right to live their own live freely of humans; we won’t use them or their products for anything. So manure is out of the question. What Paul Gautschi is ultimately trying to do is replicate nature in his own backyard, however it is not possible to replicate nature 100 percent because it posses a lot of ethical issues pertaining to raising animals for their products and eventually in the end slaughtering them.
On the other hand, I don’t object to eating wild fruits or other plant foods from Mother Nature, even though animals were there and their manure is spread around. I don’t see this as violating animals in any way as no human is involved in rearing them. And even though animal manure is spread around the land from animals it is very ethical because eating the fruits from the earth does not harm animals in any way. In fact, it is a circle of life and interconnectedness that everyone benefits from. Also, the manure that Paul and others get to fertilize their garden is surely not gathered from nature. The manure, even if it came from organic sources, still poses health issues like E. coli (escherichia coli), salmonella and other pathogens that are rampant in modern animal agriculture.
According to Dr. Will Tuttle, author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book The World Peace Diet, growing veganically on one acre can feed up to 50 or 60 people. But on one acre, we are only able to provide approximately one to one and a half cows. It is possible to feed the entire world on plants alone, no problem! But today more than ever, we are growing food like corn, soy and alfalfa to feed to farmed animals. According to Tuttle, we could feed 12 to 15 billion people if we fed the grains to people instead of diverting the grains to feed livestock. I truly believe that we can feed even more people if we include the already abundant supply of wild fruits and plants Mother Nature grows herself and implement some of Paul Gautschi’s ideas.
This world is so rifled with vast array of problems of our own making. I think we need to step back and look at the world with a whole new set of eyes and use intuition—our hearts and minds to see what we’re really doing to animals and the planet and to transform that into veganism and vegan education.
grain“I believe that until we are willing and able to make the connections between what we are eating and what was required to get it on our plate, and how it affects us to buy, serve, and eat it, we will be unable to make the connections that will allow us to live wisely and harmoniously on this earth. When we cannot make connections, we cannot understand, and we are less free, less intelligent, less loving, and less happy. The most crucial task for our generation, our group mission on this earth, perhaps, is to make some essential connections that our parents and ancestors have been mostly unable to make, and thus to evolve a healthier human society to bequeath to our children. If we fail to make the connection between our daily meals and our cultural predicament, we will inevitably fail as a species to survive on this earth. By refusing to make this essential connection, we condemn others and ourselves to enormous suffering, without ever comprehending why.”
‒ Dr. Will Tuttle, From ‘The World Peace Diet’ pg. xv
An acclaimed author, educator and filmmaker, Michael Lanfield teaches the ideas in the #1 Amazon best-selling book ‘The World Peace Diet‘ by Will Tuttle, PhD. Inspired by Dr. Tuttle and Pythagoras his talks are in-formative, inspiring and interactive. He is currently writing and producing a film and book based on his life and awakening and the ideas in The World Peace Diet, entitled The Interconnectedness of Life.