See how you can manage water on your property more efficiently and naturally, to preserver resources while satisfying your needs more abundantly. With the Water Management courses, you’ll learn how to harness the landscape around you to collect rain and stream water, and even how to make your used dishwater keep working for you!


Learn how to safely divert, store and use home graywater on your garden!

Explore the options for reusing water from your home in your garden, and how to utilize it safely and for maximum efficiency. Turn so-called “waste” graywater from the kitchen, laundry and bathroom into a practical permaculture tool for your plants and soil, and increase the yield from your site.

This course is your guide to graywater; what it is, where it comes from, how it is used, and why it’s important. You’ll be given everything you need to understand how water can be collected from your home and reused on your site, and the tools to make the right choice of graywater system for you, your property, and your aims.

Crucially, you will also learn how to ensure that any water you recycle from your home is safe for the purposes you wish to use it for. From keeping pest insects out of your storage facilities to using different types of graywater on different types of crops, you’ll have the knowledge to be confident in your graywater harvesting strategy, and that you have taken all the necessary measures to guarantee appropriate use.


Learn all the ways to slow, sink, spread, and store water on your permaculture property!

Discover many types of rainwater harvesting system, including rain barrels, swales, drains, and dams, and choose the right combination for your property. See how you can make your water use less wasteful and more multi-functional!

Learn how to read the way water already reacts with the landscape of your property so that you can plan and use appropriate harvesting techniques that save energy and work in harmony with nature. You’ll also be given tips on the kind of things to research when planning a harvesting system, such as zoning requirements and building foundations.

You’ll also find practical steps to putting harvesting techniques in place, a list of the equipment and materials you will need for each of them, advice on maintaining them, and guidance on maximizing the benefits on your property from irrigation methods to improving soil structure. There is also comprehensive guidance on how to store, treat and use your harvested rainwater to ensure that it is safe for your plants, livestock and your family to use.

Water Earthworks

Confidently plan, construct, and plant your own earthworks to harvest water on your site!

This course gives you a comprehensive guide to the various forms of earth works that can be excavated on a permaculture site to help capture, store and channel water that comes onto your property. From swales and dams to drains and ponds, you can learn everything you need to construct earthworks on your site and discover the many benefits they bring to the soil, plants, animals, and you! Discover how to analyze, plan, create and plant your earthworks to make healthy ecosystems and preserve precious water.

Devising a suitable planting strategy can help stabilize your earthwork, provide a growing niche for a wide variety of plants, and provide food for your kitchen. Indeed, some water earthworks can support entire self-sustaining ecosystems. This course will show you how.

Not only do you get a thorough grounding in the form, function and fruitful use of earthworks, the course offers practical guidance and tips on constructing each of them on your site. You’ll learn how to identify your needs when it comes to water use, so you can use the most suitable earthwork for meeting them. You will also discover how a thorough analysis of your site and your local climate conditions will inform your design strategies, and influence the type and size of earthworks you select. Then when you are ready, you can use the instructions here to implement your design.